What Is Free-Minder About?

Free-Minder is a technology blog that is dedicated to the pursuit of free thought and technology. Often people find that technology has meant that we have all blunted our minds and it has stopped us from thinking for ourselves, with people constantly staring at a screen rather than talking to people sitting right in front of them. However, I don’t think there is anything better than having a group of people from all over the world connect on similar interests and fight to change how the world is or just have fun with something they have in common.

If you embrace the internet it can be a wonderful place and somewhere with free thought and self-expression like you couldn’t do before, plus it’s super cool. Think about how far technology has come and how much it’s going to develop over the coming years, even simple thing like a TV was amazing to have in your home only 40/50 years ago! Now we all have at least two TV sets in our house, showing how quickly technology has changed and become accessible to the masses.

Who Is George Warrell?

Hey, I’m George a Technology Consultant from Utah, who enjoys writing, tinkering with tech, and video games. I spend most of my time with technology because one it’s my job and two I absolutely love it! There is nothing better than figuring out exactly what mechanisms make a product work and also how you could theoretically make them better. I would love to be a technology developer and that’s my next career goal but for now, it’s me and my blog. I really hope you take advantage of all the information that’s provided on this blog and learn some great new things that will help you to also become a free-minder!